Joey Hearts You!

About Joey

Joey was born on July 27, 2012. He is a beautiful baby boy, who loves to smile and play. He is very alert and active (like his Daddy), yet very calm and content (like his Mommy). He also loves to eat (like his Daddy and Mommy), and he enjoys sleeping through the night (which we hope continues!). Joey loves to go for stroller rides in the park, and he likes swinging and going down the slide, too. He has a lot of fun meeting up with and playing with his friends. Joey also enjoys watching sports on TV, especially the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. He liked watching the Olympics, too, even though he is too young to remember. Joey is mesmerized by ceiling fans and lights. Music and stuffed animals make Joey very comfortable, and he has also shown a love for books, namely "Hug Me" and "Goodnight Moon." Joey has a lot of family members and friends who love him very much. He loves them too, and he would like to give extra big hugs to:

Mama (Sarah Powling)
Dada (Joe Powling, Sr.)
Nonnie (Colleen Tassone)
Papa (Bob Tassone)
Auntie (Allie Tassone)
Uncle Matt (Matt Tassone)
Anthony (Anthony Tassone)
Grammy (Sheila Phelps)
Nana (Jean Powling)
Pops (Gerry Powling)
Uncle Timmy (Tim Powling)
Auntie Beth (Beth Powling)
Nanny (Theresa Aukstikalnis)
Poppy (John Aukstikalnis)
Gram (Judy Powling)
Gramp (Gerald Powling)

The Orange Fire Department - Orange Massachusetts (Dada's Work)
The Warwick Police Department - Warwick Massachusetts (Dada's other Work)
Trinity EMS - Lowell and Haverhill Massachusetts (Dada's other other Work)
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